Helping you to prepare

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to conceive naturally, or to sustain a pregnancy to full term. Some medical conditions require different amounts of nutrients. The preconception period is the time before conception takes place. It is recommended that men and women focus on improving their health in the 3 months before trying to conceive to improve their sperm and egg quality, prepare for a healthy pregnancy and support implantation along with providing optimal nutrition for early stages of pregnancy.

4 Stages of Pregnancy

STAGE 1 – 3-6 months before TTC- Optimise sperm and egg quality

STAGE 2 – 1 month before TTC – prepare uterine lining

STAGE 3 – Once trying to conceive – supporting implantation

STAGE 4 – Nutrition for early pregnancy – supporting your body to maintain a healthy pregnancy

Fertility Nutrition Consultation

Are you trying to conceive, naturally or with assisted reproductive technology (ART)? If so, this 90 minute couple’s fertility consultation will give you both the clarity you need to understand how to nourish each of your bodies best for pregnancy and enhance your fertility success.

We will determine your fertility struggles, your current nutritional status and look at your personal needs.

Let’s create your own personalised meal plans and a “his & hers” supplement protocol, along with some recommendations to get you started and a follow up plan tailored to your fertility needs with an expert fertility nutritionist.

The Fertility Focus

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for way too long, and now you are ready to prioritise your health so you can regulate your cycle, optimise your ovulation, improve egg and sperm quality and get god damn pregnant!

Nutrition After Miscarriage

Are you unsure on what to do next after a recent miscarriage? Let’s replenish nutrients and help your body recover whilst optimising your nutrition for future pregnancies. By nourishing your body well, you can reduce the chances of further miscarriages.

Together we can work out the right nutrition strategies for you to help your body support a healthy pregnancy.

In this 4 week 1:1 program, you will be provided with weekly sessions. We will assess your current situation and create a personalised action plan tailored to your specific nutrition and lifestyle needs. Also included is a spouse express review so everyone is on the same page. It takes two to tango….

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